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@ -16,11 +16,11 @@ Load and Storage:
- Improved memcached support
- Add ActivityPub support
- Added ActivityPub support
- RemoteFollow: Remote follow ActivityPub and OStatus remote actors via the click of a button
- ActorLists: Allow to create collections of Actors and to interact with them - supports both OStatus and ActivityPub
- The Free Network: Automagically migrate internal remote profiles between Free Network protocols
- Enable the search box to import remote notices and profiles
- Enabled the search box to import remote notices and profiles
- Improvements on Nodeinfo (and new route)

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@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ Additional Contributors
* Blaine Cook
* Henry Story
* Melvin Carvalho
* chimo
* Stéphane Bérubé
* Akio
* Maiyannah Bishop
* Bob Mottram
@ -55,7 +55,6 @@ Additional Contributors
* Moonman
* Normandy
* Verius
* Alexei Sorokin
* Daniel Supernault
Credits for StatusNet

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@ -121,9 +121,11 @@ In the current phase of development it is probably
recommended to use git as a means to stay up to date
with the source code. You can choose between these
* 1.20.x "oldstable", few updates, well tested coded
* master "stable", usually working well
* nightly "testing", most updates, not always working as expected
* 1.20.x "oldstable", few updates, well tested coded ( **recommended** )
* master "stable", usually working well (should be safe)
* nightly "testing", most updates, not always working as expected (can be dangerous)
**IMPORTANT: We force push to the nightly branch, the nightly branch is intended for GNU social developers only.**
To keep it up-to-date, use `git pull`. Watch for conflicts!

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@ -1,24 +1,15 @@
Load and Storage:
- Upgrade STOMP queue
- Port PEAR DB_DataObject to PDO_DataObject
Hi! Thank you for your interest in contributing, please refer to
to learn how you can contribute.
- Port PEAR HTTP to Guzzle
- Port PEAR Mail to PHPSendMail
- Add OAuth2 support (deprecate OAuth1?)
Our roadmap is available in the following Kanban board:
[Kanban Board](https://kanban.diogo.site/?controller=BoardViewController&action=readonly&token=03795efb8138c4e7661a900c234c0df1bc3fc03cdfcda8619cd5d0e666de).
- Fix failling unit tests
- Improve Cronish
- Run session garbage collection
- Cleanup Email Registration
- Refactoring of confirmation codes
- Refactoring of Exceptions
There are more pending tasks/ideas to implement in this
[repo's issues](https://notabug.org/diogo/gnu-social/issues).
- Introduce new metadata for plugins (category and thumb)
- Add plugin management tool as a install step
- Allow to install remote plugins and suggest popular trusted ones
- Replace SimpleCaptcha by FacileCaptcha once the latter is ready
So consider the issue tracker to be the full backlog, in the kanban board it's just what the
[development team](https://notabug.org/diogo/gnu-social/src/nightly/CREDITS.md)
is working on.