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wamo 52661deda2 update base theme icon 2023-04-09 20:12:36 +09:00
wamo 769c832fcd update neo-quitter 2023-04-09 20:08:37 +09:00
Alexei Sorokin ae4f3176b1 Remove "magic quotes" code and avoid wrong order implode
"Magic quotes" were removed in PHP 5.4, no need to mitigate it anymore.

Avoid implode() with the join()-like order of arguments which was deprecated
since PHP 7.4 and implicitly since PHP 5.3.
Also avoid implode() with an implicit separator for stylistic reasons.

mktime() with no arguments has been deprecated since PHP 5.1.
2021-07-16 19:44:41 +01:00
Alexei Sorokin 22f6d3ce14 [UTIL] Sanitise instead of validate in common_copy_args()
And remove common_validate_utf8() which is now unused.
2021-07-16 19:44:41 +01:00
Alexei Sorokin 9e94b7f145 [DATABASE] Switch from PEAR DB to MDB2 2021-07-16 19:44:41 +01:00
rainydaysavings 14ea9b41c2 [THEME][neo-quitter] Added icon for Network in navbar 2021-07-16 19:44:36 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 617e3af5cd [SensitiveContent] Fix plugin settings
Also reformatted the code and minor bug fixed it
2021-07-16 19:44:36 +01:00
tenma 1d7855a70d [INSTALL] Allow the setup of sslproxy during install time
- add option field and handle logic

- hardcode ssl's label margin-top value so all options are correctly displayed
2021-07-16 19:44:36 +01:00
Alexei Sorokin 3951ccbef7 [CORE] Use monotonic time via hrtime() where applicable
The realtime clock is not reliable when calculating elapsed time.
2021-07-16 19:44:36 +01:00
Alexei Sorokin ffef85414e [CORE] Fix logging of very early failures 2021-07-16 19:44:35 +01:00
Alexei Sorokin a9443d754a [INSTALL] Fix lib/util/installer.php import path 2021-07-16 19:44:35 +01:00
Miguel Dantas ab3e8ce21d [LIB_REFACTOR] Fix requires 2021-07-16 19:44:34 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 5524cf331c [DOCUMENTATION][DEVELOPERS][PLUGINS] Some updates to Plugins doc 2021-07-16 19:44:34 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro fd1a7a5e68 [Plugins] Incorporated GNUsocialExtendedProfile as part of ExtendedProfile
Also improved a lot of the plugin and made things in a way it would make sense
2021-07-16 19:44:34 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 9bb6fc3f0d [PLUGINS] Removed GNUsocial{Photo, Photos, Video} as we don't need them anymore 2021-07-16 19:44:34 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 0ecf9eb649 [BlankAd] Fixed plugin 2021-07-16 19:44:33 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 79cce82e50 [Awesomeness] Fixed plugin 2021-07-16 19:44:33 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 20a6f1d4f4 [CORE] Plugin API now extends a new Module API 2021-07-16 19:44:33 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro c18f26145c [CORE] Move core plugins to a new modules directory
For reference (raised by rozzin in IRC):


As noted by XRevan86, modules are not necessarily non-essential.
As we will keep the modules directory in GS root [therefore, near to
plugins/], it is evidenced the difference between both.

This is a simple yet fundamental structural change. It doesn't change
functionality but makes clearer the way we understand GNU social's
2021-07-16 19:44:33 +01:00
Miguel Dantas 0c20d35206 [Embed] Refactoring and bug fixing 2019-08-03 17:49:09 +01:00
Miguel Dantas 52819d39d9 [OEmbed][Embed] Renamed OEmbed plugin to Embed 2019-08-03 17:48:26 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro e0bc35b975 [CORE] Avatars are in PUBLICDIR in v2
Fixed a bug in the Installer
2019-08-03 17:47:28 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 893bafa14b [INSTALL] Minor reformatting and modernization. Shouldn't change functionality significatively. 2019-08-03 17:47:28 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 1049080df5 [CORE] Move public resources to a /public directory
* Increases security by preventing direct access to file/
* We are careful and have a defined('GNUSOCIAL') || die() to prevent
  direct access to GS files, but we may miss one or a vendor/extlib may
  not be as careful
* Improves directory structure - It's more natural to physically
  separate what is public from what are GNU social resources
2019-08-03 17:47:25 +01:00
Diogo Cordeiro 2a06261f75 [CORE][COMPOSER] Move extlib packages with immediate composer correspondent to composer dependencies
This adds a composer.json for all dependencies that are available
2019-08-03 17:47:24 +01:00