Diogo Peralta Cordeiro 6e031d623a [VersionBump] 2.0.0beta0
Updated composer and translations

composer install --no-dev
composer dump-autoload --optimize
git add vendor/ --force
make updatepo
2021-07-18 12:49:17 +01:00

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  • Improve Cronish
    • Run session garbage collection
    • Cleanup Email Registration
  • [Security] Review confirmation codes
<includeals> my guess is that the author intent was that the admin wouldn't have to verify his account, but has misread the User::register docblock
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86]
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86]
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] Here's why 13 symbols
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] I wonder why parts of the code reinvent the wheel.
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] $result = Confirm_address::saveNew($user->id, $email, 'email');
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] I think it can be replaced with that.
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86]
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86]
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] The last one is a bit different, as it's not email. But I think it still applies.
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] diogo: Maybe saveNew can be extended to accept variable bitsize (or better charsize).
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] then this also can be altered
<xmpp-gnu> [XRevan86] but with keeping the original 40 bitsize

There are more pending tasks/ideas to implement in this repo's issues.